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New Logo Form

Diana Kohne Design

How can I contact you?
What is the name of your business?
Please let me know if variations are OK. For example, using “co.” instead of “company” or “&” in place of “and."
Tell me about your business. What does your business provide? Why did you / your founder start this business?
What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

What are your company's core values?


Over time your look may change, but your core values as a company will not.

Are there symbols or objects that communicate these values? Are there symbols and objects that hold special meaning to you?

Are there any symbols or elements or colors your logo must include?

Why are you getting a logo? Why have you chosen my work?

Were you particularly drawn to one of my previous logo designs?

What emotions do you want people to feel when they think of your business? Think about how you want your work to make people feel. What impression do you want to give? What is your vibe?

Who are your peers now? Also name 2 companies who you want to be your primary competition in 5 years. Please include links.

Ex: Your current peer may be Bill's Ice Cream shop, but your goal is to be in competition with Ben & Jerry's.

Who is your primary audience? Describe your ideal customer.

Your primary audience are your potential customers.

Please provide links to your company website and social media pages.


Please upload images that visually represent your business. For example, images of you working or images that show the work that you do. These could also be your old or temporary logos and branding. 

Is there anything I can be mindful of regarding you or your project?

Ex: approaching launch date, budget limit, a preference to communicate using email instead of voice.


Can I help with anything else?